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Telegram Introduces New Features


Telegram, the instant messaging app, has introduced new features to improve user experience. First launched in August 2013, this messaging app has constantly threatened WhatsApp as the predominant platform. For telegram, some of their features are not as limited in size or capacity as with Whatsapp

For example, telegram allows users to make file transfers of up to 1 GB, while WhatsApp was stuck at 16 Mb. In 2015, the Telegram group size could accommodate 5,000  members, while WhatsApp could only carry 30. Telegram’s success can be attributed to its goal to be more than just a messaging platform.

Telegram has announced new features set only to increase its popularity among users. They are a shareable chats folder feature, custom wallpaper feature, and better bots feature. The shareable chat folders feature enables better collaboration and information sharing among users as it allows them to share their chat folders with a link and access different news channels easily. Users can now add the folder to their Telegram app and join all the chats within that folder instantly. 

This feature also allows multiple invite links, thus allowing users to create links that grant access to specific chats within the folder. The user can decide which chat to include and give the folder a unique name. Users can now share particular conversations with people without necessarily giving them access to the entire folder. If you are made an admin of a folder, you can add a new chat to your folder and update the link. Members will receive it as suggested chats they could join.  

The custom wallpaper feature allows users to customize wallpaper to a specific chat. When you do this, the other party receives a notification which can act as a prompt for the other party to customize their chat equally. It’s a feature that allows specific conversations to stand out.

The bots expose users to different web services and utilities because they can now host web apps. Users can now access web apps by mentioning the bot username or through a link on Telegram—for example, type @estherkingbot followed by space in any chat. There have also been some changes in the fast scrolling and attachment menu. The speed for scrolling is super quick, and users can easily navigate through chats and find specific attachments or messages by pulling down the date bar. 

Another feature is the’ send when online’ feature, which allows users to hold down the send button in chats to see the other party’s last seen time and send a message when the person is online. Users can also create groups without needing to add participants immediately. This allows group owners to set up the group, get messages pinned, and set up permissions before inviting members. 

On the latest iPhones, the Telegram app has also added a new a weenimation to profile pictures. All these features show that Telegram has much to offer and is fast gaining ground as the most popular instant messaging app.


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