Ushahidi Launches TenFour for The Team Members


TechInAfrica — A Nairobi-based crisis management software, Ushahidi launched a messaging app that runs on SMS. It is called TenFour with a quick check-in system. The idea was coming from a past experience where one of its team members involved in a terrorist attack.


The Chief Executive Officer, Nathaniel Manning says: “The tool is helpful for other teams to reach each other either every day or while in a crisis situation. It is hard to talk to people, especially when it’s urgent since they talk on many channels.”

The app enables its users to send messages through email, SMS or app without depending on the device or platform. Not only can users secure team info with points of contact that synced securely via encrypted transport, but also form groups by adding their contacts to a group. The app allows multiple admins and user roles where the team members only see what they want to see.

TenFour provides real-time communication and user-friendly without training required. It targets HR managers and team lead in consideration that they quickly do daily check-ins, run quick polls, and answer the question, “who needs help?” through email, SMS, and apps.


TenFour’s Pro plan allows users to get access to email, SMS, and Slack check-ins with $39 monthly payment. It provides what other messaging apps cannot offer where it is suitable for business and low-price.


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