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GloCash is Now Available for Android Users


TechInAfrica – The African payment app, GloCash is now available on Play Store. The app will soon be available on Apple Store, as what is informed by the Founder of GloCash, Ephrem Lijalem. The availability of the payment app on both Play Store and Apple Store will enable Africans within the continent to send and receive cash.

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The launch of the app is warmly welcomed by many Africans from different countries of the continent. This is caused by the lack of infrastructure, especially banks resulting in the difficulty of moving money amongst the citizens from all over African countries.

Despite the lack of infrastructure, African countries are considered “the highest remittance costs in the world” as it is reported by However, World Bank reports that even though the remittance costs are the highest in the world, the remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa increased to $37.8 billion in 2017. It is predicted to increased and hit $39.6 billion in 2019.

Speaking of GloCash, it is an app that provides a digital wallet that allows users to send and receive cash in an instant way only by using a phone number. At the current service, users can make a request fund or a payment to 8 African countries, including Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda. The app is being considered to be expanded globally. In addition, the developers also plan to enable the app to make purchases at selected merchants in Africa and later on, around the world.

The GloCash also integrates the APIs of 8 African countries into one convenient and user-friendly platform. As a consequence, users are able to complete a financial transaction no matter what mobile money provider or bank users have.

“There is no service like this in Africa that allows you to send and receive cash instantly from the convenience of your mobile phone. There are a few companies that provide limited payment gateways but they are nothing like GloCash.” Said the Founder of GloCash, Lijalem.


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