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YahClick Announces the Launch of Its Operations in Zimbabwe


TechInAfrica – The satellite broadband service, YahClick launched its operations in Zimbabwe. It is owned by UAE-based global satellite operator, Yahsat. The launch of the service was revealed in Harare while at the same time, the company also announced its collaboration with Utande, a subsidiary of Dandemutande Investments.

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The service is meant to provide customers from the country to have affordable, convenient, and high-speed broadband connectivity. Moreover, it used Ka-band that is powered by High Throughput Satellite (HTS) spot beam technology. The technology enables the company to provide high-performance satellite services through smaller dishes.

The use of Ka-band helps to reduce capital expenditure needed to establish satellite-based connectivity infrastructure. This enables YahClick to level up the digital offering in the country and support the unlocking of its full economic and social potential.

the Founder of Yahsat,
YahClick Launches Its Operation in Zimbabwe via

The Chief Commercial Officer of Yahsat, Farhad Khan stated: “Yahsat is the first operator to introduce Ka-band satellite broadband in Africa, and as the leaders within this domain, we aim to continuously increase YahClick’s adoption across the continent. We strongly believe that high-speed, reliable broadband connectivity is one of the key facilitators of economic and social progress for African nations.”

YahClick is ideally placed to bring the transformational benefits of reliable, always-on broadband within reach of all businesses and communities to help advance the country’s ICT sector. We are excited with the prospect of playing a role in empowering the country socially and economically and look forward to doing so with our local Service Partner Dandemutande.”

The launch of YahClick in Zimbabwe followed its success story in Ghana, DRC, Cote d’Ivoire, and Cameroon in September this year. The service will also reach Burundi in the early year of 2019.

YahClick’s cutting edge technology through Ka-band is highly reliable, working seamlessly across all levels of the telecommunications infrastructure. By introducing YahClick with its exceptional track record on the continent, Utande is playing its part in spreading dependable Internet connectivity further across the country.” The Chief Officer of Dandemutande, Never Ncube commented.

Yahsat started the service in the Africa continent in 2012 as the first provider that introduced HTS Ka-Band satellite broadband technology in Africa via Yahsat’s Al Yah 2 satellite.

To follow the early year’s successful launch, the company also launches its third satellite, Al Yah 3. The footprint of the service has already extended to 19 markets in Africa where it is including Zimbabwe.


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