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Telkom Kenya Considers to Partner with Two Institutions to Distribute High-Speed Internet

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TechInAfrica – The CEO of Telkom Kenya, Aldo Mareuse and the Telkom Enterprise Managing Director, Kris Senanu have gathered around the media to make a business review report. The meeting highlighted the target of the company to hit 5 million subscribers. Before the meeting with the media taking place, the official report has already been made at the telco’s primary offices.

From the meeting, the company explained that the company has been considering the possibility to collaborate with two institutions in distributing high-speed internet from two undersea data cables. The consideration which is expected to be executed successfully in the near future landing of the cables in the area of the country.

To support the goals, Telkom Kenya should push its data-related products in order to meet the goals of being the “go-to connectivity solutions” provider in the country. However, Telkom Kenya has done a great job to serve enterprise customers from other three undersea cables and keep on expanding its turf with its Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB) product.

The CEO of Telkom Kenya, Aldo Mareuse
The CEO of Telkom Kenya, Aldo Mareuse via

“With continued demand for faster and reliable connectivity, Telkom has seized this opportunity and invested KSh 3 Billion into its FTTX project: that is Fibre to the Building. This re-engineering and positioning is based on lessons drawn from customer experiences, industry insights, economic factors, and changing market needs to deliver more than just connectivity,” Said Aldo Mareuse.

Telkom Kenya has yet to announce who they will collaborate with. However, many people hope that the company will shed more light on the Connected Kenya Summit at Bomas, Kenya as the event itself usually features the new partnerships unveiling and many interesting.


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