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Unveiling the Success Story of Haul247: The Nigerian Logistics with its Innovative “Airbnb for Trucks” Concept


Haul247, a Nigerian startup, has distinguished itself in the dynamic logistics sector by introducing a groundbreaking concept known as the “Airbnb-for-trucks.” This innovative platform seamlessly links businesses with essential haulage and warehousing resources, revolutionizing the industry.


Haul247 derived its name, “247,” from a widely recognized slang that symbolizes unwavering availability, highlighting the core values of efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. Sehinde Afolayan, the CEO of Haul247, holds these attributes in high regard, asserting that logistics is a realm that never experiences downtime. During an open discussion with TechCabal, Afolayan provides an insightful glimpse into the inner workings of Haul247, envisioning it as Nigeria’s counterpart to Airbnb but tailored specifically for the trucking industry

In recent years, the logistics startup ecosystem in Nigeria has witnessed impressive expansion. From the emergence of food delivery services like Jumiafoods to the introduction of last-mile delivery solutions such as Gokada, and the establishment of comprehensive logistics platforms like Lori, Kobo360, and now Haul247, these startups are successfully tackling obstacles such as insufficient road infrastructure, traffic congestion, and constrained warehousing capacity. As a result, they are streamlining logistical operations for businesses and enhancing overall efficiency in the industry.

Haul247 provides a convenient solution for large companies by enabling them to book trucks and warehouses in various Nigerian locations. To gain a substantial market presence and expand on a global scale, Haul247 forms strategic partnerships with major FMCG multinationals that possess a global vendor registration license, including renowned companies like Unilever and PZ. 

A key factor that sets Haul247 apart from industry pioneers like Lori and Kobo360 is its distinctive secondary distribution feature, which offers comprehensive warehousing solutions for businesses. Sehinde Afolayan, the CEO of Haul247, voices his critique of the prevailing system employed by numerous FMCG manufacturers, which centers around a single manufacturing hub located in Lagos. This approach leads to challenges in distributing products over long distances, resulting in unpredictable delivery times influenced by external factors. Haul247’s solution involves the efficient management of distribution centers in different regions, allowing companies to transport their products to these strategically positioned centers, thus ensuring heightened operational efficiency.

At the core of Haul247’s operations lies its proprietary software, which plays a vital role in facilitating the booking of logistics and warehousing services for individuals, enterprises, manufacturers, and FMCGs. This advanced software handles order requests, attaches appropriate quotes, and seamlessly matches them with suitable trucks and warehouses, ensuring efficient fulfillment of the requirements. Furthermore, the software empowers shippers by enabling them to track their goods in real time until they reach their intended destination.

As for revenue generation, Haul247 derives its income from commissions earned through the leasing of warehouses to companies. With the recent injection of a $3 million seed round, Afolayan discloses Haul247’s ambitious expansion plans, targeting the markets of Ghana and Uganda. 


Afolayan also explains that Haul247 takes proactive measures to support warehouse owners in optimizing their warehouse utilization through sensitization programs. Additionally, the company implements driver incentives, conducts regular phone call checkups, and enforces driving time limits to prioritize driver safety.


Despite facing challenges in a market largely controlled by formidable competitors, Haul247 maintains a positive outlook on the future. The CEO of Haul247 confidently states, “Anticipate the emergence of a unicorn in the coming years. Expect a company led by seasoned entrepreneurs who possess a profound understanding of business management. Our growth trajectory will be consistent and focused, avoiding scattered expansion. We are committed to steady progress and continuous growth.”




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