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Kenya to have Public Fast Charging Stations for E-buses


BasiGo an e-bus company in Kenya, has earned a name for itself after launching Nairobi’s first public fast charging station for electric buses. 

The Kenyan-based company was able to achieve this after the implementation of the new e-mobility tariff and its approval from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) whose objective is to promote sustainable transportation in Nairobi.

Since the company understands that the availability of charging stations plays a significant role in consumers’ decision to transition to electric vehicles, BasiGo has officially opened the nation’s first fast charging station accessible to everyone. 

Therefore, with the inauguration of this latest charging station, BasiGo now has a total of three charging stations capable of recharging 20 electric buses. 

BasiGo’s CEO Jit Bhattacharya appreciated Kenya Power for their support in establishing the e-mobility tariff. He stated that the charging stations will enhance the usage of electric vehicles in Kenya. 

BasiGo’s attempt on launching the first charging station in Kenya will offer the country more sustainable transportation, curb air and noise pollution caused by vehicles and create a better environment for the dwellers.

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