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Treepz’s New Model is an Exciting Innovation in the Automobile Market


Treepz, formerly a bus-hailing platform, has introduced a unique solution in the automobile space. The relaunch of their car-sharing model in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Ghana is set to provide car owners in these countries the chance to rent out their vehicles for as low as N30,000 to even N90,000 daily

Treepz’s new model, like other African mobility startups, is geared towards helping Africans evade the traditional methods of car financing. This launch can only be the product of the $2.8 million raise in 2021 and the consequential acquisitions of mobility startups in Uganda and Ghana.

Onyeka Akumah, founder and CEO of Treepz, calls it “an exciting innovation for transportation in Africa.” According to him, the new Treepz model better utilizes the 26 million vehicles available in the continent to provide people with better and more fun transportation services while they go about their lives. This will also provide additional income to the car hosts.

To be approved as a Host under Treepz, car owners must maintain their vehicles according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. Treepz’s insurance policy handles the cost of damage incurred during the rental period and theft of vehicles. However, hosts have a responsibility to report the damage immediately and cooperate with the insurance claim procedures.

Treepz takes security into cognizance hence their rigorous vetting process for hosts and guests.  Both parties must undergo identity verification, driving history verification for guests, and background checks of the host company after car registration verification.

Treepz has positioned itself as a leading force in the industry through this move. Hosts can make money while providing guests with better transport options. They also plan to make affordable transportation solutions easy and convenient for everyone. 

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