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GoFree: Africa’s New Neobank Offers Social and Financial Features in One


The African fintech space continues expanding with entrants like GoFree, a neobank launched in April 2023 that aspires to become Africa’s version of China’s WeChat super app. GoFree seeks to differentiate itself in the crowded financial services field by going beyond basic offerings like transfers and payments. 

It targets millennials, SMEs, startups and more with a diverse platform integrating messaging, document sharing, bill pay, and other tools within one ecosystem. This super app strategy emulates WeChat’s model in China, where users can seamlessly manage professional and personal activities in a unified interface. While ambitious, GoFree believes there’s ample room to improve financial access for Africans.

Early reviews of GoFree’s app, available on iOS and Android, find promise alongside some fixable issues. Users highlight an easy signup process aided by an optional tutorial video. However, some note lengthy delays in receiving OTPs to finalise registration, with some waiting over 10 minutes. Once registered, users can customise profiles and enable security features like PIN codes or biometrics. 

Verifying accounts to access more services has posed problems for some, with the app freezing when submitting ID images. However, GoFree’s core features remain accessible without verification. Users can chat with contacts, send money, and share posts or stories just like social media.

Virtual USD cards are available starting at $3, with higher limits for physical cards coming soon. One unique aspect is GoFree’s AI companion for assistance with research, essays and more. However, it appears partially complete, providing only canned responses during testing. As a beta feature, further development is likely needed.

Overall, reviews indicate that GoFree offers a promising platform, especially for those seeking combined social and financial utilities. However, issues like glitchy verification and lengthy OTP wait times require attention. Optimising the user experience will be critical as GoFree pursues its ambitious super app strategy. 

While competition is fierce, GoFree’s vision to consolidate day-to-day activities within a single app closely aligns with evolving consumer preferences. Integrated messaging and payments have fueled breakout success for super apps globally, but no clear leader yet exists in Africa. 

By effectively executing its robust product roadmap, GoFree could fill this gap. However, delivering on the promise of its multifaceted platform will hinge on rectifying early technical difficulties and providing reliable support as it scales. 

If GoFree can capitalise on Africa’s appetite for digital community and financial inclusion while optimising key issues, it may have a shot at assuming the mantle of Africa’s super app.



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