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HerVest Fintech Drives Financial Inclusion for Nigeria’s Female Farming Population


In Nigeria, only 35% of women have access to financial services compared to 48% of men. However, fintech startup HerVest is driving financial inclusion for female farmers who remain largely unbanked.

HerVest provides a peer-to-peer lending platform where female farmers can access credit and investment to grow their agricultural businesses. It taps into the vast potential of Nigeria’s female farming population, which accounts for 75% of the sector.

By meeting female farmers’ financing needs, HerVest opens up income-generating and savings opportunities. The platform allows women who own or manage farms to borrow directly from individual lenders.

This eliminates reliance on traditional institutions like banks, which often overlook low-income women farmers. It also creates a sense of fulfilment for female investors on HerVest that can uplift other women through impact investing.

HerVest is addressing a major gap highlighted by the World Bank – the need to scale digital financial services to drive economic and social progress in Africa. Financial access unlocks productivity and growth.

The company’s focus aligns with Nigeria’s agricultural dominance. But women, who comprise the bulk of smallholder farmers, lack the capital and tools to maximise productivity and profits.

HerVest’s peer lending model redistributes capital directly to those who need it most. By connecting female farmers and investors, it creates a cycle of empowerment and advancement.

The platform opens up a range of savings, investment and credit options tailored to women’s needs. Users like Chidinma Ezekwe say HerVest has helped improve financial literacy and make impactful investments in female farmers.

HerVest’s innovative model recently gained global attention when it became the first African startup featured in Google’s #WeArePlay campaign. This showcases apps and games building the digital ecosystem.

It demonstrates the huge progress Nigeria’s tech landscape has made through companies like HerVest driving inclusion. Fintech combines finance and technology to address socioeconomic challenges.

With agriculture central to economic growth and employment, HerVest is unlocking the sector’s full potential by equipping female participants with capital. Its peer impact model delivers progress at both ends of the spectrum.

By empowering others and expanding opportunity, HerVest represents the transformative potential of African fintech. The startup showcases how innovation can close structural gaps and uplift those previously left behind



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