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New Ride-Hailing Player “OnGo” Aims to Fill Void Amid Absence of Uber, Bolt, and Yango in Cameroon


Yango’s suspension in Cameroon in February left a vacancy in the ride-hailing market, but a startup named OnGo is attempting to fill that void

Ongo, made by local engineers and Cameroonians living abroad, launched its digital car reservation service with drivers and taxis on April 17. This makes it easier for Cameroonians to move within and between cities.

OnGo is available in Yaoundé and Douala right now, and there are plans to bring it to all ten regions of the country soon. The solution has a mobile app for Android and iOS, letting users sign up and choose their location.

The app then shows the price of the race and gives the user a list of the cars closest to them. How much the ride costs varies on what kind of car you choose.

OnGo not only gives transportation on demand, but it also lets people rent cars for events like weddings and family gatherings. There are different kinds of cars on the web platform and mobile app, so users can find a car that fits their wants and budget.

The Android version of the game has already been downloaded more than a thousand times since it came out. Gozem is a competitor to OnGo; OnGo could still fill the gap left by Yango’s ban since neither Uber nor Bolt is available in Cameroon.

Yango was put on hold by the Cameroonian government after it was accused of breaking the rules in the country. In Yango, you need the same papers as a cab driver to work as a driver, according to law N 2001–015 of July 23, 2001, which regulates the professions of road transport and road transport auxiliary workers.

Taxis are the most popular way to get around in Yaoundé and Douala, but most are in bad shape, making them less appealing to people with middle-income jobs. When Yango stopped operating, it left a vacuum in the ride-hailing market, which gave OnGo a chance to make a difference.




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