Doctor Booking Platform Launched in Ghana


Kenko Doctor is an open market that helps patients to search for and book appointments with doctors via a mobile app. The doctor can either accept or reject the booking, but once the doctor accepts the booking, the patient is expected to make payments and consultations take place. The doctor is in a position to use the platform in updating the patient’s records.

Kenko doctor was launched by e-health startup called Eiko Health. The platform has been launched on iPhone operating system (iOS), but plans are on the way to upgrade it to the web, Android, and USSD within the first three months of the year. Founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Samuel Dogbatse told Disrupt Africa hospitals and clinics suffer from long queues, long waiting times and poorly kept medical records.

Kenko Doctor is dubbed as the Uber and Airbnb of healthcare an open-air market with immediate access to the patients’ medical records. The platform changes healthcare facilities and doctors subscription fee towards electronic medical records system as well as the percentage of the fee collected by doctors for each equipment. The startup is on a mission of growing data-driven revenue in 2018 to relieve them in the lack of revenue per booking transaction.


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