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“Liquid Intelligent Technologies Strengthens Presence in Egypt with Acquisition of Premier Cloud and Cybersecurity Provider”


Liquid Intelligent Technologies (https://www.Liquid.Tech) announced that it had bought the Cairo-based technology business Cysiv MEA, which used to be called SecureMisr. Some of Egypt’s most prominent corporations use this business to get enterprise cloud and cyber security services, especially in the financial services industry.

The acquisition lets the London-based corporation, which has businesses in Africa, the UK, the US, and Latin America, deliver some of the top cloud and cyber security technologies to the Egyptian market. Some of the biggest technological companies in the world work with Liquid since it is a well-known integrator.

The company will change the name of Cysiv MEA to “Liquid C2” to align it with its cloud and cybersecurity identity worldwide. Liquid wants to make Egypt a vital hub for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by taking advantage of the country’s huge amount of tech talent.

According to Sherif Shaltout, Cysiv MEA’s VP of Operations, the company’s mission since its inception in 2008 as SecureMisr has been to provide customers with world-class cloud and cyber security services and solutions that safeguard against attacks and the loss of digital assets brought on by an ever-evolving threat landscape.

We’re delighted to join the Liquid family and be part of an industry-leading brand like Liquid C2. Through our expanded cloud and cyber security services portfolio, we are now in an even better position to help our enterprise customers in Egypt and the MENA region speed up their digital transformation and get better tools to deal with threats that are always getting worse,” he said.

Liquid knows that Cysiv MEA is an important part of Egypt’s cloud and cyber security sector and the surrounding area. As a group, our major job is to help them offer more cyber security technologies to our customers, who face a more hostile global threat environment from cybercriminals and attacks funded by nation-states.

This will protect their business and ensure they satisfy the worldwide compliance criteria. The Chief Executive Officer of Liquid C2, David Behr, stated that the company would “build on the strong market position of the Liquid C2 brand, experienced leadership, deep industry knowledge, world-class team, and customer-centric philosophy.”




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