Mira Cosmetics of Egypt Secures Investment to Target 100K Customers and Pursue International Growth


The Cairo-based D2C beauty and wellness startup, Mira Cosmetics, is poised to create a significant impact in the market with a recent $200,000 investment from Wingoo Investment and Technology. This financial boost follows the successful production of Mira’s first local beauty product, which is anticipated to be launched later in the year.

Founded by the innovative entrepreneur Amira Dawood, Mira Cosmetics has quickly earned acclaim for its diverse and high-quality range of cosmetic and skincare products. The company is actively contributing to the transformation of the beauty industry by meeting the growing demand for affordable, locally-made beauty alternatives.

Amira Dawood, the CEO and Founder of Mira Cosmetics and Skincare saw an opportunity in Egypt’s market for beauty and wellness products that were both accessible and affordable. Recognizing the high demand for imported cosmetics, which often come with substantial price tags in foreign currency, Dawood aimed to transform the industry.

In a recent press release, Dawood highlighted the significance of providing high-quality products from Egypt at competitive prices. Her ambition extends beyond meeting local needs; she also seeks to address the challenges brought on by the shortage of US dollars, which is impacting e-commerce platforms.

Amira Dawood emphasized the company’s commitment to understanding their target audience’s needs and providing products that fulfill these needs with high-quality materials and competitive prices. The focus is on not just drawing in online customers but also establishing a tangible presence where potential buyers can directly experience their products.

Ahmed Al-Shehabi, CEO of Wingoo for Investments and Technology, is confident in the global competitiveness of Egyptian products. This belief led to the investment in Mira Cosmetics and Skincare. Al-Shehabi underscored Mira’s strategic expansion and growth plans, aiming to extend the company’s reach to the UAE and Saudi Arabia within the next three years.

Mira’s progress in the beauty and wellness industry is significant, especially with the financial support from Wingoo Investment and Technology. This support is a crucial factor in Mira’s journey towards realizing its lofty aspirations and transforming the perception of Egyptian beauty products internationally.

Mira’s progress in the beauty and wellness industry is further amplified with the recent financial backing from Wingoo Investment and Technology. This pivotal move propels Mira towards its lofty aspirations, playing a crucial role in redefining the perception of Egyptian beauty products worldwide.




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