Chefaa Gains $5.25M Funding Boost to Propel Healthtech Services Across Saudi Arabia


Chefaa, a prominent health tech based in Egypt, has secured a significant $5.25 million investment in its recent funding round, co-led by Newtown Partners from South Africa and Global Brain from Japan. Noteworthy contributors to this funding include GMS Capital Partners LLC from the United States, Verod-Kepple Africa Ventures from Nigeria, and M3, Inc. from Japan. Established in 2017 by Rasha Rady and Doaa Aref, Chefaa stands out as a female-led e-pharmacy platform dedicated to delivering a comprehensive healthcare experience.

The substantial investment is earmarked to propel Chefaa’s expansion, focusing on Saudi Arabia, where the platform has recently initiated operations in eight cities. The funds will play a pivotal role in consolidating its presence in the kingdom and scaling various innovative models to digitize the healthcare supply chain. This strategic investment aligns with Chefaa’s overarching mission of spearheading a secure digital transformation in healthcare driven by a patient-centric and holistic approach.

Chefaa has garnered substantial investment from backers who recognize its notable achievements and growth within the demanding healthcare sector. The investment stems from Chefaa’s proven ability to enhance healthcare accessibility in Egypt and its successful foray into the Saudi market. Investors are notably confident in Chefaa’s innovative strategies, emphasizing its commitment to innovation, adept use of data, and impactful collaborations with major players in the pharmaceutical industry.

Newtown Partners, led by Managing Partner Llew Claasen, underscores their unwavering belief in Chefaa’s founders and sees a significant opportunity to revolutionize healthcare access in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) through effective digitization.

Hiroto Sorita, the Director of Investment Group at Global Brain Corporation, has recognized Chefaa’s impressive growth within a challenging business environment. He affirms the company’s prominent standing as the region’s leading patient-centric service provider. Yezan Haddadin, CEO of GMS Capital Partners LLC, has emphasized Chefaa’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its substantial influence in reshaping the future of healthcare delivery within the region.

Ryosuke Yamawaki, a Partner at Verod-Kepple Africa Ventures, has conveyed the firm’s confidence in Chefaa’s distinctive ability to revolutionize Africa’s retail and pharmaceutical supply chain. He underscores its potential to evolve into a crucial business infrastructure across the Gulf region.

A Look at Chefaa

Established in 2017 by Rasha Rady and Doaa Aref, Chefaa is a pioneering Egyptian health tech startup specializing in e-pharmacy. As a patient-centric pharmacy benefits platform, it provides a comprehensive healthcare experience. Notably, Chefaa has recently extended its footprint into Saudi Arabia, operating in eight cities.

At the core of Chefaa’s mission is the drive to spearhead the secure digital transformation of healthcare. This commitment involves prioritizing market needs, surmounting ongoing challenges, and innovating new services and features in line with its overarching vision. The startup’s presence in Saudi Arabia underscores its dedication to broadening healthcare accessibility.

Chefaa has not only earned investor confidence but has also demonstrated the effectiveness of its strategies, unwavering commitment to innovation, and a discernible impact on healthcare accessibility. CEO Doaa Aref expresses gratitude for the support from investors, emphasizing the shared passion and belief in Chefaa’s vision and mission.




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