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Emtel Brings 5G to Mauritius


Telecom operator Emtel recently launched 5G services in Mauritius, becoming the second provider to offer next-gen mobile connectivity in the island nation. Emtel is building on the footsteps of My.t mobile, the mobile division of rival Mauritius Telecom, which first introduced 5G in mid-2021.

Emtel claims its new 5G network already reaches 60% of the Mauritian population. The company plans to achieve full nationwide coverage by 2024. “With the widest 5G network in Mauritius, we’re proud to be the first covering such a large portion of the island,” said Emtel CEO Kresh Goomany at the launch event.

The rapid and broad rollout aims to give Emtel an edge over competitors. While My.t mobile claimed first-mover bragging rights, Emtel is now poised to leapfrog them in 5G availability. Offering blazing-fast speeds of up to 1.87 Gbps and low latency, Emtel’s network targets data-hungry consumers and business users ready to upgrade from dated 2G/3G services.

My.t mobile’s head start hasn’t translated to a large 5G user base yet. Statistics show only 5% of their customers used 5G as of June 2023, with over half still relying on 2G. In comparison, Emtel’s customer base appears more primed for 5G adoption, with a more even split between 3G/4G usage.

Analysts estimate only 2% of Mauritius’ mobile users were on 5G at end-2022. But they forecast 25% will use 5G by 2028 as networks expand nationwide. Emtel’s broad deployment sets the stage for innovative 5G applications across the island in the coming years.

The rapid rollout aims to capture sophisticated enterprises and consumers hungry for faster speeds and lower latency. Emtel is focused on leveraging 5G’s capabilities to power next-gen services from live video streaming to augmented reality.

While Mauritius may seem like a small market globally, it has progressive telecom regulation and tech adoption. The nation has set ambitious connectivity goals, aiming to match leading economies. Players like Emtel hope to put Mauritius on the map for 5G innovation.



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