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“Airtel Joins Forces with Mastercard to Enhance Mobile Money Solutions in Africa.”


Airtel Africa and Mastercard have launched an international money transfer and receiving service for Airtel customers in 14 African countries. This initiative targets over 100 million Airtel mobile phone users in Africa, enhancing the partnership between Airtel Africa and Mastercard as they jointly strive to advance the digital economy across the continent.

This newly introduced service offers Airtel’s mobile users a streamlined approach to initiate digital transactions across multiple foreign countries. Benefitting Airtel users will gain access and connections to wallets in over 145 global markets, enabling effortless money transfers and receipts from various nations.

The service will be launched in 14 African nations where Airtel has a network presence: the Republic of the Congo, Democratic Gabon, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

According to Ian Ferraro, Airtel’s regional director for East Africa, the partnership with Mastercard is poised to enhance international money transfer services, thereby elevating customer satisfaction. This collaboration is expected to enrich customers’ lives through digital financial solutions, aligning with the service’s goal of offering more efficient international money transfers for Airtel’s customers across its operational African countries.

Ngozi Megwa, MasterCard’s senior vice president, emphasized the service’s seamless and secure nature, reiterating Mastercard’s steadfast commitment to fostering Africa’s digital economy sector’s expansion.

This collaboration underscores the joint efforts of Airtel and Mastercard in providing Africans access to mobile financial services and driving technological advancement. Embracing digital payments contributes to economic growth, efficiency, transparency, and financial inclusion. Through cross-sector collaboration, Africa could expedite its transition to digital payments, solidifying its global prominence in this domain.

The newly introduced service simplifies Airtel’s mobile users’ engagement in digital transactions across different nations.




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