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Engenesis Venture Building Startup Program welcomes AfriWallStreet


AfriWallStreet, Africa’s top human capital development firm, has been accepted into the Engenesis Venture Building Startup Program, which will begin in January 2023.

The Genesis Framework is used by the Venture Building Start-Up Program (VBSU) to help startups gain traction and grow.

It is a 4-week program based on applications and has four 90-minute interactive sessions each week. It could be evaluated for co-investment.

The Genesis Framework is an all-inclusive framework that lets business leaders as you know exactly what stage their business or project is in and move it to the next stage.

Objectives of the program

You’ll learn about the Genesis Framework and use it to examine your business. This will give you unique insights into how investors perceive and evaluate your enterprise and allow you to uncover gaps that may affect how you plan its growth.

What is involved?

Over four weeks, you will be immersed in the ontological venture-building framework known as the Genesis Framework. These are delivered via live and interactive zoom sessions with a group of high-potential founders.

Benefits of AfriWallStreet

  • Understanding important product growth drivers
  • Product financial viability and business model
  • Human capital, performance, and team culture
  • Capital raising insights
  • Scalable sales and marketing

AfriWallStreet is a sociopreneurial (Social and Entrepreneurial) startup created to be a leading innovative career development community that helps young professionals stand out in their field and reach their career goals.

The platform aims to give young professionals a good head start and help them become globally competitive. It prepares its target audience and intelligently finds local and global opportunities.

Not only does the platform show these opportunities to early and mid-career professionals, but it also uses our talent packages, business academy, professional social network, and digital media to ensure that when they apply for opportunities, they have a good chance of getting them. Join the AfriWallStreet social network today and improve yourself so to the best.

AfriWallStreet will join other startups worldwide to find out what stage their business or project is in and move it to the next level.




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