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Estonian Tech Company TAI+ Launches a Mobile App to Connect Truckers and Cargo Shippers in Kenya


TechInAfrica – An Estonian tech company, TAI+, has launched a mobile app that connects truckers and cargo shippers in real-time in Kenya. Through the app, cargo stakeholders are linked to customers who seek reliable cargo transporters at the best price.

During the launch of the mobile app, Rait Raal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TAI+, explained that the app would be the solution to the transport sector as it lacks a proper system to address issues affecting players. It promotes reliability and transparency in the cargo handling process. Truckers will be able to see cargo features including the price and the specs before making the shipment.

Estonian Tech Company TAI+ Launches a Mobile App to Connect Truckers and Cargo Shippers in Kenya via

According to Raal, the solution also enables business owners to access data analytics that helps them in making the best decision for their businesses. Furthermore, he said that TAI+ will disrupt the digital sector by addressing perennial cargo challenges, including real-time information sharing, demand for transport services, provide regular cargo, and need for a return cargo.

“We are here to set global logistics standards by making cargo transportation business simpler, more reliable and give the customer more control on meeting the cargo needs,” said Raal.

Raal is assured that the mobile app will provide transparent transaction to meet the demand for regular cargo shipments as well as the demand for reliable carriers. It is backed by a robust and scalable technology developed by Estonian company Reach-U. Currently, more than 300 trucks have signed for the app to meet the increased demand for reliable cargo shippers. The app can be downloaded both on Google Play Store and App Store.



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