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Ethiopian Airlines Is Now Expanding Digital Payment Methods


TechInAfrica – On Monday, September 16, 2019, Ethiopian Airlines announced its intention to expand its payment solutions offering by partnering with a digital commerce and payment solutions platform; CellPoint Digital will launch WeChat Pay and KNET.

In 2018, the airline first integrated CellPoint’s “Velocity” payment platform – a mobile payment strategy first – into its mobile application and hopes that by introducing WeChat Pay and KNET, it will reach the international travel market.


“As we expand into new markets, we want to ensure that the payment process on our mobile application is as transparent as possible for our passengers,” said Miretab Teklaye, Ethiopian Airlines’ digital director. “Working with CellPoint Digital as a technology partner allows us to quickly add new payment methods to meet the needs of consumers in these regions. The introduction of WeChat Pay and KNET is the first of a series of new payment methods we plan to deploy, as we seek to expand further in the Middle East, India and Europe.”

According to the airline, WeChat Pay and KNET will be supported by CellPoint Digital’s payment platform – which is specifically designed for the travel industry. Velocity allows airlines and travel agencies to activate new forms of payment within a few weeks.

“Ethiopian Airlines is committed to providing the best possible digital experience for its customers, and our Velocity payment platform allows us to quickly introduce any global portfolio or local payment method Ethiopia needs for its mobile application or other digital channels,” said Ciaran Wilson, Senior Sales and Accounts Manager at CellPoint Digital. “We look forward to growing alongside Ethiopian Airlines and helping them eliminate payment friction in all their markets.




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