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What South Africans Think Of The Emerging Tech In Dell’s Research


TechInAfrica – Divided opinions are captured in Dell Technologies’ recent Future Of Connected Living research when surveying around 4,600 directors to C-suite business leaders in 40 countries and more, with South Africa included. The research, which is conducted by Dell with Vanson Bourne’s support, titled ‘The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships reveals the 70 percent are open to the idea of integrated emerging tech to their lives.

Curated in five data points, the on-going shifts elaborated in the report was mainly due to the existence of these emerging tech:

Pervasive Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) – smaller sensors allocated in parts of the earth may expose details of our environment and the people intricately than before.
Mobile Edge Computing – mobiles are indicatively seeping the supercomputer power, which not only improves the computing time but also introduce AI into the equation.
5G and Beyond – 5G promises faster connectivity, and this could mean well for plans of smart cities and digital infrastructures, pushing the automation part even further. See how the companies already lay out a plan for 6G when 5G is barely cold off the stove.
Artificial Intelligence – AI is already everywhere, from chatbots, learning software, to self-driving cars, and it’s rapidly growing.
Extended Reality (XR) and Immersive Media – the combination of virtual and reality create an interactive experience that engages with the human’s sense.

The shifts are evident in these areas:

Network Reality – 56 percent of the respondents welcome the everyday use of VR and AR.
Connected Mobility and Networked Matter – research shows the average of motorists acquit loss of 2,549 hours over 100 days just to find a parking space.
From Digital Cities to Sentient Cities – the research predicted generated 200 million gigabytes by a population of 1 million in one city by 2020.
Agents and Algorithm – 76 percent of the respondents expect the transformative experience of automated tasks.
Robot with Social Lives – 70 percent of the respondents welcome the partnership between human and robots.

Zooming into South Africa, 59 percent of the business leaders accept the idea of partnering with robots, and in the privacy section, 85 percent shows no concerns about it, while the global percentage is less trustful of how their privacy is compromised with these emerging tech and the shift they caused.


“I think the Future of Connected Living research shows South Africa is a maturing digital economy that marches to its own beat,” says Doug Woolley, MD of Dell Technologies South Africa. “We can see this among our customers and partners: there is a serious appetite for digital improvements, but they still keep their feet on the ground and look for solutions that change lives and experiences. They are not scared of technology, but they don’t just believe the hype. They want solutions that matter and last,” he concludes.

Download the full report here.



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