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Facebook Eliminated Fake Profiles Targeting Opposition Parties

Photo by Luca Sammarco from Pexels

TechInAfrica – Facebook, one of the most famous social media, announced that the platform already eliminated an organization of fake accounts in Ethiopia. Those false accounts attack local users towards the general election in the country. According to the findings, the network is connected to the Information Network Security Agency (INSA) of Ethiopia.

The network is usually publishing news and current events in Amharic. It includes information about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his Prosperity Party. In addition, it also broadcasts judgemental commentary about opposition politicians and groups, including the Oromo Liberation Front, Ethiopian Democratic Party, and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, amongst others.

Although the fake accounts related to Ethiopia’s INSA, the head of INSA did not directly clarify the case, according to Reuters’ reports. Established before Ahmed became the Prime Minister in Ethiopia, the organization aims to observe telecommunication and the internet.

Billie Seyoum, the prime minister’s spokeswoman, told Reuters that INSA is under the ministry of peace and an autonomous establishment – Ethiopia’s citizens can resolve their inquiry about Facebook removals there.


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