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Farloweb Technologies Deploys Beta Version of Its Software Solution in South Africa


TechInAfrica – Farloweb Technologies, a tech startup runs by three brothers growing up in Southern California. The firm has deployed a beta version of its autonomous software solution—Portal Software—In South Africa. The tech solution aims at international businesses enterprise groups.

The Portal Software allows users to save various desktop apps, websites, and documents together instantly and autonomously, with just 1 Click. It captures the multiple working documents website, and desktop apps then configure and archive them into a named Sessions for retrieval. Furthermore, it seamlessly saves URLs on various search engines compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox.

Faloweb Technologies
Faloweb Technologies via

As it’s saving, it will automatically save the group of files and document in a work session while at the same time stack and position the windows in the same exact position as the last time it saved and closed.

Specifically, the Portal Software solution includes:

  • Autonomous instant save across multiple platforms
  • Share files 200 times faster than email
  • Save and launch documents 1000 times faster than the manual doing
  • It can function across the natural operating system environment
  • Allows research and administration users control to run faster

Zosukuma Kunene, one of the Kunene brothers, Co-founder of Farloweb said that the Portal Software is yet to release to the public. At the moment, it’s only available in a beta program through certain South African learning institutions and corporate organizations. Interested individuals need to send an email on the company’s website to apply the software.

Farloweb Technologies.
Farloweb Technologies. via

“Currently in South Africa the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Nandi Heritage Investments and KM Risk Management in Johannesburg are just some of the early adopters of the technology.  We are keen to engage with other clients such as large private companies and learning institutions across the continent,” Zosukuma said.

“We always knew computing was based on a library design, hence, the Tabs, Bookmarks, Folders and web pages.  It made it easy for us thinking about Portal so many years later.  If a physical library employs a librarian, how can our digital desktops and over 1.5 Billion websites available, still be managed the same way without improvement? We leverage automation to fix that. The increase in applications and websites means companies wasting billions of dollars on the repeated before and after time of a digital task,” he concluded.



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