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Female-centric Cape Skills Accelerator To More Career Opportunities

credit: Cape Town Govt.

TechInAfrica – The City of Cape Town has partnered with National Skills Fund (NSF) to launch a career accelerator for the youths of Africa, opening more opportunities in the process.

Called The Cape Skills and Employment Accelerator project, it is aimed at youth and women of age 18 to 35, where potential candidates will be chosen for a year training program after dozens of qualifying tests.

Accepted candidates will be trained by the City’s Special Business Partner (SBP), CapeBPO, and given a workplace and monthly stipend.

“This Cape Skills and Employment Accelerator Project – a first of its kind for a municipality offers training and workplace experience to people in strategic sectors,” says  Alderman James Vos, The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management when meeting the participants.

“We designed this program especially to ensure skills pipelines for high-growth industries that will drive demand.”

One entrepreneur got into the program with the belief that it is important to challenge the way ‘one thinks’.

“We decided to embark on the Accelerator program as we saw a need for developing skills, not only to be absorbed into the business but into the industry. It came with its challenges, but this in itself also reminded us to challenge our systems, processes, and methods,” Edeline Mutize, owner of Koshai Kollection, reveals what the accelerator means for her and everyone in the industry.

Alderman Vos ensures that it is the right time to look for jobs in sectors with a huge expansion in Cape Town.

“The City is committed to creating the right conditions to boost local manufacturing, and together, we will continue to make it easier to create job opportunities, do business, and ultimately grow our economy.”


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