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Cape Town starts a campaign in the Metaverse through Roblox


It is estimated that 54.1 million people use Roblox daily. Because it enables users to design and develop their very own video games with the help of Roblox Studio, this gaming platform is viral among kids.

According to Wesgro, the company chose Roblox to capitalize on the known influence that young people have on family vacations. As part of its marketing campaign, it will bring to life in a gaming format a series of instructional games with a focus on the natural world that features some of the most popular tourist spots in the Western Cape.

It will begin with a “Climb Table Mountain” experience and will highlight child-friendly places while highlighting the remarkable diversity of Cape Town’s natural spaces. Wesgro thinks that CapeTown, as the technological capital of Africa, ought to be digitized.

According to a new study conducted by Expedia, the world’s youngest generation significantly impacts family travel. The study found that up to 87 percent of parents allow their children to have input in planning family vacations. A third of millennial parents in the United States even provide their children with full.

“Generation Alpha,” or people born after 2010, are the children of millennials, so they have grown up with technology and the know-how to use it well. Roblox smartly takes advantage of this market by providing players with an immersive game experience.

The world is changing, but Wesgro’s CEO, Wrenelle Stander, says that the company is ready for it.”In a world where immersive digital activities have already created a captive audience, our game will allow children to learn about the great biodiversity of the area.

This includes gaining knowledge about the King Protea, our national flower, as well as the more than 1,460 distinct types of plants, of which 300 are considered critically endangered. In terms of animal life, certain species, such as the Leopard Frog and tortoise, dassies, and the elusive Cape fox, will receive a lot of special attention.



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