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Meta announces Digital training for Non-Governmental organisation in Anglophone regions in Africa


Meta is proud to announce the official launch of the Meta Nonprofit training program. The goal of the program is to increase digital capacity. It will train 1,500 individuals working in nonprofit organizations in all Anglophone regions in West Africa.

During the event that took place not too long ago in Lagos, Meta made it known that it will be supporting Geda Digital training. It is a  Social Innovators Bootcamp Program designed for NGOs that will last for six months.

This training aims to help the social impact and none-profit sector in Anglophone regions of West Africa.

We are aware of the importance of digital skills and are dedicated to assisting social enterprises in Nigeria get the needed skills by giving them information which would help them become more aware of digital issues. 

During the event’s opening speech, Adaora Ikenze, who is in charge of public policy for Anglophone in West Africa, says: We are aware of the demands of these Non -Governmental Agencies, and  are eager to collaborate with NGOs that make use of our suite of mobile applications for impact . We are thrilled to offer the necessary assistance in enhancing their skills so that they can expand their operations and improve their tasks in their communities.

Maryam Uwais, who is the Special Advisor on Social Investments,to the President of Nigeria , gave the keynote address. She said, “We applaud the efforts of Meta to help develop people who work in the nonprofit sector. The Nigerian Federal Government is very grateful for this investment. Meta has always worked with the government as a partner. We need to keep working together in making Nigeria a better country. 

In the event, there was a fireside discussion held. During the conversation, Adeyemi Adenike, the CEO of the FATE Foundation, emphasized the necessity for non-governmental organizations to share their impact stories and discover cost-effective strategies of reaching their target audience. In particular, she emphasized the utilization of the Meta family of apps.

In support of this claim, Chidi Koldsweat, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Donors for Africa Foundation, said the Donors for Africa Foundation’s collaboration with Meta on the Geda Digital Training will help provide more publicity for non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

In 2021, Meta carried out several activities in conjunction with the social impact sector, such as training for nonprofit organizations and listening sessions to show how the company has always tried to connect with more allies and help NGOs that use Meta’s family of Apps for good. Meta’s Nonprofit program also had test runs with its partners in Nigeria, South- Africa and Tanzania.

Applications are currently being accepted for the Geda Digital Bootcamp, Meta Nonprofit training, the Geda Digital Bootcamp, and the Meta Nonprofit training. Here is where NGOs and other nonprofit organizations can express their interest in participating in the Meta Nonprofit training, and here is where they can do the same for the Geda Digital Bootcamp.




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