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Northern submarine cables arrive in Angola, Unitel announces.


The goal was to connect with Unitel’s fibre-optic network so that high-speed fixed or mobile telecommunications services could be provided to the Cabinda province. Additionally, it was to increase services for internet access as well as international and domestic business communications.

It is a scheme designed with sufficient capacity to offer its services to the military, governmental and national security systems, other internet telecommunications access operators, and other entities.

In addition to that, he mentioned that one of the potential outcomes of the project was the provision of high-capacity fiber optic connections to many oil sites.

Unitel’s Director of Operations and Deputy Director-General for Technical Area, José Safeco, said Cabinda’s telecommunications infrastructure will bring about significant advancements in terms of telecommunications and would make it possible to offer higher standards of mobile phone and internet service in the area.

Cabinda’s telecommunications infrastructure will significantly improve with the introduction of the underwater cable, which will allow for better mobile phone and internet services in the area.

The Administration will work more closely with Unitel to ensure that the company’s projects will contribute to the overall economic growth across the province. Also, the communication signals will reach every part of the territory in pristine conditions.

Cabinda’s Deputy Governor for the Technical Sector and Infrastructures, Guilherme Pereira, said this.




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