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Angola Cables Cloud Service Launched in Africa


TechInAfrica – Cloud service was one of the most pioneering technologies ever developed by man, and it has extensively made every form of data storing methods much, much easier. Not only limited to conventional, on-demand picture or files hosting, cloud services are also implemented in the latest video games where the player’s save files are immediately uploaded to the developers’ servers—serving as an alternative, feasible lifebuoy in case their local save gets corrupted.

Needless to say, I couldn’t imagine how I would hold my composure if cloud services didn’t save my Witcher 3 progress when I had my PC reset last year. Phew!

Angola Cables—an Angolan multinational telecommunications operator of fiber-optic telecommunication cables—launched their very own platform, named Angola Cables Cloud Service for manifestation across the African tech scene. This initiative was based on the ever-expanding sector that deemed connectivity and capable digital tools for various corporations of the continent. The company also regards that efficiency and productivity would serve as a potential boost for companies to overcome their respective challenges, in which the Angola Cables Cloud Service are able to facilitate such urgencies.

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While the speed of internet connection is still an issue in certain areas in Africa—this leads to the inability to use cloud services as effectively for some people—the demand of cloud services still grows, indicating that albeit slow, the tech scene in the continent is growing towards a better prospect.

António Nunes, Chief Executive of Angola Cables, claimed that Angola Cables Cloud Service is a very robust, yet a very versatile platform where it offers on-demand hardware and software resources—backed with accelerated processing capabilities making it adaptable to be accessed across all devices, including from mobile devices. Nunes also spoke that in correspondence with Africa’s growing mobile phone trend, cloud service could be a framework to introduce people to develop several elements of society via the easily-accessible technology in the palm of their hands.

Antonio Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables via

Angola Cables itself was formed in 2009 and is owned by the major national telecommunication companies. Their primary aim is to contribute at the developments of telecommunications sector in Angola and in Africa. It also provides international connectivity to national operators and develops the interconnection between regional operators.



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