African Businesses Urged to Embrace Technology for Growth


Samson Olatunde, the founder of Knowledge Digest Africa (KDA), has emphasized the importance of African business owners embracing technology to enhance their enterprises. Olatunde’s company, known as a comprehensive digital knowledge repository, was recently honored with an award recognizing it as one of the top 100 fastest-growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country for the year 2023.

During a speech in Lagos after receiving the BusinessDay top 100 Performing SMEs 2023 award, Olatunde stressed the need for African businessmen to take greater advantage of technology for business expansion and growth.

“This year, we introduced new features, but in 2024, we are diligently working to enhance our content even further. We’ve noticed shifts in our audience’s preferences, and in response to these evolving needs, we are committed to continually improving our website by offering more robust digital content tailored to cater to the interests of young individuals, career professionals, and entrepreneurs,” he explained.

He emphasized that the Knowledge Sharing and Development Africa (KDA) platform is at the forefront of diverse knowledge exchange and learning in Africa. It serves as a meeting point for people from various backgrounds to connect, educate, and empower one another. The primary focus is on exploring the latest technology trends and their implications for the future of work and businesses in Africa, ensuring that the continent remains globally relevant.”

The project’s primary objective is to establish Africa’s most extensive all-in-one digital knowledge repository, initiated by African entrepreneurs, specifically for African enterprises. This endeavor aims to curate easily understandable, timeless content intended for the upcoming generation of business leaders. The ultimate goal is to empower them to create intergenerational wealth and maintain long-lasting relevance,” emphasized Olatunde.

Having accumulated 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Olatunde initiated Knowledge Digest Africa (KDA) to bridge the existing gap between digital information and businesses spanning the African continent. Notably, KDA has been consistently delivering downloadable digital content, garnering over 1,000 daily views from its audience.

This award serves as clear recognition that our efforts, initiated several years ago, are yielding positive results, and people are recognizing the value we bring to the table. It’s important to understand that we remain committed to reaching even greater heights, with the goal of becoming the preferred digital bank for information,” emphasized Olatunde.

Olatunde, an alumnus of Pan Atlantic University in Lagos, boasts certifications as a UK life coach, a management consultant in Canada, and a small business consultant in Texas, USA.

Renowned for his dedication to empowering young Africans, he regularly hosts his flagship ‘Digital CEO Tribe’ and nurtures Africa’s community of digitally savvy professionals. Additionally, he organizes the Digital Wealth Creation Summit, a platform that exposes participants to legitimate avenues for digital wealth creation and future-of-work opportunities.”

Olatunde, through his Digital CEO Tribe, passionately champions his vision of aiding businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to excel in business performance and profitability by harnessing the power of 21st-century digital tools.

Simultaneously, Samson Olatunde has amassed a wealth of experience executing digital marketing campaigns for diverse brands spanning various industries, leading him on a journey across the continent, offering invaluable strategic guidance to emerging startups.

In a new endeavor aimed at empowering startups with his professional expertise, he has established the Samson Olatunde Foundation. This foundation aspires to become Africa’s premier solution-oriented NGO, dedicated to catalyzing transformation across the continent through education and enterprise, leveraging the potential of ICT.



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