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“Factor[e] Ventures Unveils Delta40, a Bold New Venture Studio”


Factor[e] Ventures has announced the creation of Delta40. This new venture studio will focus on developing and investing in technology-driven businesses in Africa to boost local incomes and combat the effects of climate change.

Delta40, led by seasoned entrepreneur Lyndsay Holley Handler, wants to connect African and female founders with technology, talent, funding, and leadership assistance so they may develop successful firms and prosper in Africa’s expanding tech industry.

Delta40’s unique approach uses the fact that African tech start-ups raised a record $6.5 billion last year. But investments still aren’t as high as they should be in areas like energy, agriculture, and transportation, which are all very important. Delta40 wants to fill this gap by investing in and growing businesses that can drive innovation from idea to scale to exit.

Morgan DeFoort, the co-founder of Factor[e] Ventures, emphasized the significance of investing in African start-ups and entrepreneurs by stating the following: “A decade of investing in energy, agriculture, mobility, and water innovations in emerging markets has confirmed that there is a great opportunity at the formation stage to support local and diverse founders as they connect their technologies and markets.”

Africa is expected to have 40% of the world’s population by 2100. This makes the introduction of Delta40 a very important event. The venture studio aims to help entrepreneurs build their businesses through natural growth or strategic alliances and acquisitions with other businesses.

The managing director of the Autodesk Foundation, Jean Shia, was confident in Delta40’s ability to speed up African start-ups and their life-changing climate innovations. She said, “We invest for impact, and we are confident that Delta40’s mix of operating experience in Africa, technology expertise, and commitment to investing in diverse founders will successfully speed up African start-ups and their life-changing climate innovations.”.

Overall, Delta40 is a big investment in Africa’s future. It has a unique approach that combines money, assistance from co-founders, and a promise to establish diversified, sustainable businesses in critical industries.

Delta40’s co-founder and managing partner, Lyndsay Holley Handler, said, “Together with our founders, we want to build a portfolio of transformative ventures across this important continent that improve people’s lives, grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and protect the environment for future generations.”




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