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Financial Struggles Force South African Mobility Startup to Cease Operations


The South African mobility startup WhereIsMyTransport is ceasing its operations due to difficulties in securing additional funding. Established by Devin De Fries in 2016, the company successfully secured over $27 million in investments and employed 140 people. Devin De Fries stated, “Having failed to raise our round, we’ve ceased our operations. I extend my gratitude to our investors for their support throughout our journey – their backing was crucial to our endeavors. I also thank our dedicated team for their commitment and hard work in pursuing our mission.”

WhereIsMyTransport, a startup focused on enhancing the public transport experience, specializes in mapping both formal and informal transport networks. Its work contributes to making commutes safer and more accessible. The company’s valuable data has been licensed to various government bodies.

In a major achievement announced in May 2022, WhereIsMyTransport revealed it had successfully charted public transport systems in 50 cities across diverse regions, including Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe, and Asia. Among its notable clientele is the World Bank, which utilized the startup’s data for a study on public transport’s role in job accessibility in 12 African cities.

The startup, a former participant in the Naspers Foundry, which has since ceased operations, successfully secured $3 million from the fund. This investment was part of its larger $14.5 million Series A extension. WhereIsMyTransport has also attracted investment from several significant backers such as Cathay AfricInvest Innovation Fund, Japan’s SBI Investment, Wuri Ventures, Capria Ventures, Nedbank, Global Innovation Fund, Goodwell Investments, Google, and Toyota Tsusho.




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