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Authorities in Tunisia forbid the newly funded Algerian mobility startup Yassir from conducting business


On Monday, January 16, 2023, the “Yassir Tunisia” application received a warning from the Tunisian Ministry of Technologies and the Ministry of Transport.

The two ministries claim that the company “Yassir Tunisia” encourages users to sign up for the application to engage in unauthorized public transportation of individuals outside of the applicable legal and regulatory frameworks. Due to the fact that “Yassir Tunisia” requires a license and also violates the idea of fair competition, they think it is significantly breaking the law.

According to the ministries, actions would be taken in cooperation with the proper authorities “to deal with this situation, in order to preserve the public service.”

You may recall that on the same Monday, individual taxis went on strike because “the government and the authorities failed to respond to the requests of specialists in the area on e-transport apps.”

These applications are deemed unlawful by the Tunisian Union of Individual Taxis, and a message has been sent to the Central Bank and the public prosecutor to inform them of the numerous infractions, including money laundering.

Following a meeting with a ministry of communication technologies consultant, who agreed to regulate e-transport applications in conjunction with the ministries of justice and transportation, the strike was called off in the early evening.

The owner of an application will be the target of a complaint from the Tunisian Union of Individual Taxis.

In response to recent attacks near the company’s offices that were carried out by members of one of the professional groups of taxi drivers, “Yassir Tunisia” released a press release. The corporation revealed that all of these actions, which put the company’s employees at considerable risk, had reportedly been mentioned in court cases.

The company made it clear that “the official structures of the Tunisian State are the only parties authorized to request clarifications and explanations about the company’s activity or to potentially resolve any dispute that may arise between the startup and other professional or private structures.”

“In view of the aforementioned facts as well as the seriousness of the repeated threats made against the laws and institutions of the Tunisian State, Yassir reiterates its demand that the government guarantee the safety of its employees and their right to freedom of movement.

It also reiterates its intention to interact with all pertinent governmental bodies while upholding legal compliance and customer interests, the company added.




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