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PayGate and SiD are combined under the Payfast rebrand


Brendon Williamson, managing director of Payfast, and Chris Wood, regional managing director at Network International. 

Payfast, the top supplier of payment gateways in South Africa, has undergone a significant rebrand. Under Network International, the company has partnered with PayGate and SiD to provide a new home for its condensed product. This milestone heralds a new era in the payments sector, with a renewed focus on allowing growth for the brand, its merchants, and the larger e-commerce sector.

“By merging the strengths of three of South Africa’s largest e-commerce firms under one potent organization, we have improved our capacity to fulfill our commitment to partners, namely to do everything we can to unleash their growth potential.

Brendon Williamson, managing director at Payfast, claims that “We’ve established an environment where some of the industry’s greatest brains can share ideas and work together toward innovation in the payments sector.”

Williamson facilitated the discussion with Chris Wood, Network International’s regional managing director for Southern Africa and PALOPS, exploring the possibility of the alliance as well as the shared goals and objectives of the two organizations.

The Payfast revamp, which includes a new logo and color scheme, was unveiled on January 17 at a media roundtable event. 

The Payfast revamp, which includes a new logo and color scheme, was unveiled on January 17 at a media roundtable event. 

“This is a significant step towards the merger of two business heavyweights; it’s not just a cosmetic alteration. We will cement a single vision to move us ahead as a company by developing a cohesive brand and legal entity that everyone we’ve brought together will associate with, both internally and outside.

 According to Williamson, the cooperation allows us to ensure that local ecommerce keeps pace with global developments at the industry level.

The newly redesigned Payfast promises merchants a better, more sophisticated experience in terms of operations. Merchants will benefit from having one legal company to deal with while still feeling at ease using products and processes from the Payfast, Paygate, and SiD teams on a daily basis. In the future, the company intends to increase ecommerce options and capabilities for their merchants by utilizing the united workforce’s skills, technologies, and ideas.

The world had to make a quantum leap into the digital future because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Online retail reached the R50 billion mark in 2022.

“The world has changed, from the expansion of e-commerce and cashless transactions to the emergence of digital nomads. The Payfast brand has also had to change. We are motivated by the industry change that has already occurred to advance innovation for the future,” says Williamson.

The company’s main website has changed to as part of the rebranding. The company’s renewed focus in improving payments technology is indicated by the io. domain, which has come to stand for technology, innovation, and disruption.




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