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Fintech startup raises $ 2 million in funding round


Fintech startup, Zazuu whose primary focus is on the African continent has successfully concluded fundraising totalling $2 million.

Zazuu was established in 2018 by Kay Akinwunmi, Tosin Ekolie Tola Alade and Korede Fanilola their objective is to provide Africans living in the diaspora with a quick and easy way of sending and receiving money.

The Chief Executive Officer of Zazuu, Kay Akinwunmi, said, “Our mission has always been obvious to us from the beginning.” Transactions involving money sent back to Africa have almost always been detrimental to the continent’s economy.

Although making payments across international borders is the most pressing concern, the new venture also addresses the several other financial challenges that immigrants encounter.

Akinwunmi continued by saying that our organization is more than just a payment processor. We want to make it easier for Africans residing outside of the continent to make ends meet financially. This suggests that in the future, we intend to do much more for people than facilitate transactions by providing them with improved access to financial resources such as credit, both within the country and outside of it. This will be the case both locally and internationally.

The objective is to establish a genuinely neutral financial environment for African immigrants located all over the world. Akinwunmi added



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