Freshworks Gets $100 Million in Its Annual Revenue and Launches a New Product


TechInAfrica – Freshworks is a leader in customer engagement software globally. The platform through its press release statement dated 26th June 2018 announced that it had reached an annual recurring revenue collection of $100 million. The revenue was led by Freshdesk (Customer Support Software), its frontrunner support product and constant growth of its Freshservice (IT Service Management Software) Freshsales (CRM Software) products over the last many quarters.

The achievement was due to the platform’s constant expansion of its user base of over 150,000 organizations and businesses globally. This includes both vast enterprises like M&C Saatchi, OfficeMax, Veeva, Cisco, Toshiba, University of Pennsylvania, Hugo Boss, Honda Bridgestone and many customers of SMB globally. Moreover, the firm has expanded its product portfolio over the past year. It has brought in Freshteam, Freshmarketer, Freshcaller, and Freshchart in its collection. The products will work together to assist human resources, marketers and support team engage with clients and work together.

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Apart from the milestone the company also announced the immediate launch of Freshwork 360. This is a cloud bundle that is fully integrated which brings together support applications, marketing and sales to ease the customer’s engagement experience. Freshworks 360 contains products like Freshchart, Freshcaller, Freshmarketer, Freshsales, and Freshdesk. All of this offers an easy way for customers to get the whole history of customer engagement, marketing and data key areas like social media and chats mentions. The users of any given Freshworks products can now get free piloting of the site’s offerings from the available Freshworks login through the Freshworks Switcher.

According to Freshworks’ co-founder and CEO, Girish Mathrubootham, many enterprises, and small businesses have been neglected for many years when it comes to customer engagement software. Customer support, marketing, and sales experts are forced to use support systems, CRM, siloed and bloated. IT and HR experts have been obliged to heavy products with extraordinary price tags and features that are not necessary. He added that the company is on a mission to have a business software that is easy to use for those who need it and Freshworks 360 is a huge step in ensuring that that is achieved. Director of Partnerships at Facilitron, Brian Engles said that the product allows the company to serve clients more easily and quickly compared to traditional CRM system that the company has used in the past. He added that the likes of Freshchart and Freshdesk had helped the company’s SLA success and the satisfaction of customers have moved to more than 20% since they started using them.

ThinkJar’s analyst Esteban Kolsky said that the front-runners in the CRM space such as Freshworks targets to support organizations that are strategically relocating to operations based on the cloud. According to him, businesses are now focusing on the whole experience of their customers rather than building solutions around single business functions like marketing, sales or support. The ventures are assisting in developing the right platform based solution to initiate engagement with clients while reducing operations.


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