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Google Offices Expand in Egypt, Hiring Cairo-Based Team


TechInAfrica – Serving the community of Egypt for over a decade with their products, services, and training programs, Google plans to hire a Cairo-based team in order to expand its business as well as their tech influence in Egypt. Initially having opened their first Middle East office in the same country back in 2006, they eventually moved it to Dubai because of the Egyptian Revolution that took place on January 25th, 2011. Albeit the office stayed open and productive for individual users and businesses alike, the expansion of building an office once more in Egypt seemed like a prudent choice—to better accommodate the needs of locals.

Lino Cattaruzzi, who’s in charge of Google business operations throughout North Africa and Middle East, met with Sahar Nasr—Egypt’s Minister of Investment and International Cooperation—in Cairo, June 23rd 2019. Cattaruzzi, on behalf of Google, spoke that the search engine giant will collaborate with Egypt’s Ministry of Investment regarding the improved investment scene of the nation. Furthermore, various fields of pioneerdom, education, along with industries of all sizes will also be taken into consideration on shaping a better, more sustainable future for Egypt.

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In the coming months, Google will begin to hire individuals as staffs for their up-and-coming Cairo office. Hisham El Nazer will serve as the country’s leading manager. Though no official date has been released by Google, their spokesperson said that the Cairo office will be operational ‘very soon’. You can check out their career vacancies to see if it’s already hiring applicants.

For startups based in Egypt—particularly in Cairo—this could be a substantial opportunity for them to get acquainted with potential investors directed via Google. If such scheme works with minimal hindrances and deterrents, the startup scene in Egypt could compete with Ethiopia and other nations in terms of growth.

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