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Google Sets Sights on Africa’s Booming Tech Scene with New Cloud Region in Johannesburg


Technology heavyweight Google has unveiled its first ever cloud region in Africa, launching new data centers and cloud infrastructure in Johannesburg, South Africa. Serving as a hub for Google Cloud products and services across the continent, the Johannesburg cloud region provides businesses and organizations in Africa with low latency access to the company’s secure and high-performance global network.

“We are thrilled to partner with companies and institutions across Africa to assist them in adopting cloud computing and grasping the advantages of digital change,” remarked Niral Patel, Director of Google Cloud in Africa. 

By establishing cloud infrastructure locally in Johannesburg, Google Cloud aims to accelerate technology development across Africa and equip organizations with the tools to grow, create, and compete globally. The new region is connected to Google’s extensive subsea cable network, including the recently finished Equiano cable connecting Europe and West Africa.

Google is the latest in a series of prominent cloud providers to target South Africa and the wider continent. Competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have already built an early presence, launching major data centers in Johannesburg and Cape Town since 2019. 

While currently Google’s only cloud region in Africa, the Johannesburg launch aligns with Google’s $1 billion investment in the continent’s digital transformation over the next five years. Initiatives include funding for startups, digital skills training, and programs to make cloud expertise accessible to Africa’s developers and businesses.  

Analysts have underlined the monumental growth in Africa’s internet economy, on pace to reach $180 billion by 2025 per International Finance Corporation estimates. Cloud computing is increasingly instrumental to sustain this rapid technological transformation and expansion.

“By gaining access to scalable, cutting-edge cloud resources, companies across Africa can boost innovation, reach new markets quicker, and develop new digital products and services,” Patel explained. “We look forward to increased cloud adoption empowering sectors from healthcare to finance to agriculture.”

From promising startups and developers to well-established corporations and public sector institutions, the Johannesburg region provides a gateway for African organizations to leverage Google Cloud and tap into global networks.

With cloud infrastructure regionally available and an array of services from artificial intelligence to data analytics accessible, Google Cloud aims to be the digital transformation partner of choice in Africa. Already, Google has supported over 100 African startups who have raised over $260 million collectively.

As Google marks its first step into African cloud computing, the company has emphasized that further investments and partnerships will continue across the continent in the years ahead.



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