“Google’s Hustle Academy Boosts African SMBs”


In Nairobi, Kenya, nestled in the city’s dynamic heart, Pippy Leather Works is a testament to growth and resilience. This small enterprise, known for its exquisite leather products, employs mostly local women. Initially, Pippy Leather faced challenges in expanding its market presence and streamlining operations, a common narrative for many businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

However, a significant turnaround occurred in 2022 after the founder, Milka Adhiambo, participated in the Google Hustle Academy. This pivotal moment led to a strengthened online presence, a doubling of revenue, and increased staff for the business.

Milka’s journey mirrors that of numerous small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) throughout Africa. These enterprises, vital to the economy, often grapple with hurdles like limited access to funding, restricted market access, and a deficiency in business acumen.

The Hustle Academy Impact Report reveals a significant positive effect on the revenues of its participants, with 80% noting an improvement. Additionally, there has been a notable increase in the accessibility of new funding sources for these businesses, rising from 11% to 20%. This success story isn’t just reflected in the statistics; it represents genuine progress for real businesses. This year alone, over 5,300 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) completed their training at the Hustle Academy, bringing the total number of graduates to over 10,300 since the start of the program.

Google have initiated steps to foster the growth and advancement of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in Nigeria through the Hustle Academy Fund. This morning, we proudly announced the selection of 15 businesses that will collectively receive 75 Million Naira. Our support extends beyond financial assistance; we are committed to providing mentorship and continuous backing. 

Our efforts are further bolstered through collaborations with organizations such as USAID, the South African National Youth Development Agency, the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, and the Kenyan Office of the Deputy President. These partnerships are instrumental in equipping these small businesses with the necessary resources and expert guidance.

The Fund has awarded grants to these 15 businesses.

  • Angela Jidechukwu Nwabueze – Jelapetra Farms Ltd
  • Aminu Abdulkarim – A.A.K. Shoes
  • Anita Aletor – Rotela Business Synergy
  • Blessing Akpan – Inyene Agro-processing Factory Ltd
  • Chigozie Bashua – The Nut Place Limited
  • Chikere Onyinyechi Breakthrough –
  •  ClozetsalesConstance Ufuoma Edesiri – Stance Fashion Empire
  • Eniola Robert – Ennie Wears
  • Femi Bolaji – Wauley Projects Limited
  • Funmilola Moronke Agbayewa – Segunfunmi Foods Nigeria Limited
  • Hussaini Aliyu Baba – Lead Way Family Poultry
  • Ifeoma Augusta Anselem – Rae’s Clothing
  • John Samuel Andefiki – Kita Farm
  • Nafisa Abdulrazaq Sabo – Pinch N’ Dash
  • Ojo Femi Christopher – Foodlane ventures

Reflecting on the accomplishments of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it’s evident that they are pivotal in propelling economic advancement in Africa. Their triumphs represent more than just business success; they signify collective victories for their communities and nations.




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