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Huawei announces a campaign to replace batteries in South Africa


Huawei has announced a fantastic HUAWEI Battery Replacement program in South Africa to appreciate its smartphone customers. Customers can use this special program to get a genuine battery replacement for their specific device model for just R149.00. Users can get a new, simple battery with a 90-day warranty that claims to work well and last a long time.

Genuine Huawei Battery

As part of the Battery Replacement Campaign, users can get a new Genuine Huawei battery to replace the one that came with their device. With a Genuine battery, users can enjoy longer power life and better performance and be sure that their devices are safe and reliable.

Fast and Reliable Service

90 Days Warranty

New batteries will have an extra 90-day guarantee from when they are picked up. Other than the price of replacing the battery, there won’t be any additional costs. This price includes the cost of the part, the cost of labor, and tax. In South Africa, this deal is suitable for a wide range of Huawei smartphones and tablet series.




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