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Kyshi Launches Cross-Border Platform for African Online Merchants and Businesses


Kyshi, an African-focused fintech company, has launched a beta version of its platform, “Kyshi for Business,” to assist businesses in transacting across multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, China, and several African nations, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Senegal.

The UK-based fintech firm, started in July 2020 by Ayo Akindele, has raised $420,000, with the most recent funding of $100,000 coming in May 2022.

The platform helps businesses deal with issues like compliance standards and foreign exchange management when they do business across borders. It lets you watch transactions in real-time, create virtual accounts, and process payments in over 100 countries.

Accounting integrations are also available for Kyshi for Business, which makes it easy for businesses to keep track of their activities. Kyshi also has a mobile app marketplace called Kyshi Connect. This lets millions of Africans in the UK, US, EU, and Canada pay online retailers from Africa.

The company gives 2% to 3% cash back on all orders made through Kyshi Connect. This includes airtime, data plans, health plans, auto/device insurance, utility bills, movie/event tickets, shipping, and other services

Kyshi’s platform claims to be a one-stop shop for businesses that want to do business across borders. It also gives African online merchants a new way to reach more customers. The company wants to be seen as a reliable cross-border business partner, and companies are welcome to join the platform’s beta version.




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