IBM and Tshimologong Announce Startup Accelerator for the Development of Vital Market


TechInAfrica – IBM South Africa and Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct announced the launch of a start-up accelerator that will be held from October 8 to November 16, 2018. The startup is designed to allow the development of Growth Stage Tech and Digital Startups. It will be implemented through a boot camp run for over six weeks. The boot camp is aiming for enablement and development through modules. Each module designed and selected to deliver skills, resources, infrastructure, and technology growth within the start-up. The boot camp will end with an investment proposal where the participants will get in a line to win up to R500k in required products and services.


The Precinct has always been focusing on growing technology start-up, thus, they are excited about their partnership with IBM SA for the development of the vital market. The boot camp is an investment-centered event where it is one of the main elements of any growing business.

The Startup Accelerator is one of the three streams of the IBM SA Equity Equivalent Investment Program (EEIP) where it is a part of the Enterprise Development Program (EDP). The EDP focuses on encouraging the entrepreneurs and business with a specialized ICT. Their global main focuses are in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Thing (IoT) and Cybersecurity.


In order to win the investment, the start-ups are required to present what to be done with the investment in correlation with the business acceleration. The success of the investment will be based on how it stimulates financials and the increase in revenue or job creation. The investment should include technology requirements for internal operation as well as product scaling.

The startup will deliver their reasons why IBM should invest in their business development that will take place during the event of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018. Influencers and industry thought leaders also will join the event.


For the participants need to assure that their businesses are at least one-year registered as CIPC trading business. The most important thing is that the Growth Stage Tech start-up should be owned and managed by Black Africans. The turnover should be between R120K up to R50 million per annum and involved actively in the business. Please visit to know more about the full list of eligibility criteria and other related information.


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