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I’M IN welcomes Telkom FutureMakers to its ideation program.


I’M IN, a leading platform for would-be entrepreneurs has launched a new partnership with Telkom FutureMakers. This gives its ideation program another well-known funder. This relationship shows it is even more dedicated to encouraging creativity and providing female students with the tools to become entrepreneurs.

I’M IN wants to reach new heights of success and make a big difference with the help of JP Morgan and Telkom FutureMakers. It helps women students get their ideas off the ground by giving them the tools, mentorship, and advice they need to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Its involvement in the ideation program will increase I’M IN’s ability to support and help entrepreneurs succeed.

The program lead at I’M IN, Palesa Tabai, was happy to have Telkom FutureMakers join the ideation program as a valuable partner.

She said, “Their help will let us reach more people, give better tools, and give a new generation of entrepreneurs more power. We got a lot of applications, which shows that more people in our community want to start their businesses. We’re excited to be a big part of their paths.

Telkom FutureMakers’ choice to become a key partner shows that it also thinks it’s important to encourage entrepreneurship and help people who want to be entrepreneurs. Its addition to the ideation program will make I’M IN even better at giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to be successful and helping them get there.

This year’s ideation program got a lot of applications from women students during the application part, which just ended. The I’M IN team is proud to say that not only were there a lot of applications, but they were also of a very high standard. The applications showed a wide range of ideas and a lot of entrepreneurial ability, which shows how important it is to have platforms like the Ideation Programme to help and grow innovative thinkers.

Dr Mmaki Jantjies, the group executive for innovation and transformation at Telkom SA, said that women play an important part as change agents in their communities and society as a whole. She stressed how important it was to give women better access to money, technology, and markets so that they could help the economy grow.

An expert panel of judges carefully review each entry as part of the evaluation process. Thanks to the strict way they are picked, only the most promising and important ideas will be chosen to move on to the next part of the program.

I’M IN continues to encourage entrepreneurship and help the next generation of innovative leaders, and their partnership with Telkom FutureMakers is a big step in that direction. With the help of JP Morgan and Telkom FutureMakers, the ideation program will likely have a long-lasting effect on women who want to start their businesses and help the entrepreneurial community grow.




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