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Incubator Spaces Launched By MEST in Cape Town and Lagos


TechInAfrica – The Pan-African entrepreneurial training program, incubator and seed fund MEST plans to launch an incubator in South Africa and Nigeria in November. The two new incubators according to MEST will be in Cape Town and Lagos in South Africa and Nigeria respectively. They will also link up with the one stationed in Accra, Ghana.

The two new incubators in Nigeria and South Africa will serve as an extension of an already established community in Accra, Ghana. Participants will also have the same entrepreneurial support, resources, mentorship, and network enjoyed in Ghana including various events that will bring Africa’s tech community together –catering to the needs of everyone from startup teams to founders, down to investors as well as corporate executives.

A new pillar such as co-working will be added to the offerings of MEST as a result of the spaces. The main pillars of the organization will include a 12 months tech training program for African entrepreneurs in Ghana accompanied by possible seed funding as well as incubation for MEST portfolio co-operations in the various Pan-African incubator spaces. MEST’s latest co-working offering will invite both local entrepreneurs to tender their applications to join the organization’s Incubator space and give startups who didn’t officially graduate from MEST training program an opportunity to gain access to the community.

Those who are part of the MEST incubator will not only have access to hot desks but private office packages provided in each location. They will also be joining a community of African entrepreneurs and innovators who are working in technology, digital, venture capital and media with the sole aim of fostering the unity of the brightest minds in the different fields.

The program was launched officially during the Lagos Startup Week and led by Neku Atawodi-Edun, the General Manager. It was slated to officially open in November.

The program has had a tremendous 9 years track record since its opening in Accra, Ghana. And according to the Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment in Lagos State, Mr. Tunde Durosinmi-Etti, it was great to finally have MEST extend its footprint into Nigeria. The program will no doubt be beneficial to all participants in the country.

The former Cape Town Garage is where the MEST incubator will be launched in the region.  The official launching of the beginning of the program also took place on November 23rd.


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