inDriver to Launch in Harare, Zimbabwe


TechInAfrica – After previously being launched in Nairobi, Kenya and other African countries like Tanzania and South Africa, inDriver is set to launch in Harare, Zimbabwe by the end of this month. The plan to expand its service to Harare is to bring benefits to Zimbabweans who need transportation for a specific destination and to the drivers.

The service allows passengers to negotiate a fare through the app, then the driver will decide whether or not to take the request based on the proposed fare or make a counter-proposal.

Drivers are allowed to decline the proposed fare from the passenger if they want to. They can agree to take the request only they find it profitable and fit in their schedule. Furthermore, inDriver does not charge any commissions for drivers for the first six months. They will be charged with a commission of less than 10% after it passes six months period.

inDriver to Launch in Harare, Zimbabwe
inDriver to Launch in Harare, Zimbabwe via

Taxis and private cars’ drivers can apply for registrations. They are required to submit their ID, driver’s license, the car’s photo, as well as background information.

“We want the passengers and drivers to determine independently and directly a fair and favorable price for each route. In inDriver it is up to each driver to take a ride request, skip it or send a counter offer. We want to give the power of setting prices back into the hands of passengers and drivers. As a result, drivers will be able to get higher income while enjoying more transparency and flexibility,” said Yegor Fedorov, inDriver’s Marketing Director, as quoted from



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