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InGame Sports, an Egyptian sport technology startup, has raised $1 million in pre-seed round of funding


An Egyptian gaming and sports technology startup known as InGame Sports was able to raise more than one million dollar in funding in addition to receiving grants and in-kind resources in a pre-seed round led by Opener.

This international venture capital business has a unique combination of financial resources and technological expertise, which enables it to invest in early-stage technology startups.

The managing partner of InGame Sports, Mohab El Tawil, stated that the company’s goal is to provide cutting-edge entertainment to the region’s millions of football lovers.

InGame was developed to encourage and motivate people to participate in brand-new activities and experiences by providing a variety of innovative incentive schemes.

The company’s long-term objectives include a concentration on the Egyptian market and the growth of its operations in other countries.

The upcoming add-on expansion packs from InGame will be built on web3 infrastructure and will incorporate blockchain technology into every one of its modules.

Also, the company put out a popular free-to-play football game in the area, which was downloaded over 17,000 times in the first three weeks and played for an average of 3 minutes and 16 seconds each time.

Techbuild’s Take

Every culture has a sizeable population of gamers, especially as more people become accustomed to modern technology and its availability.

The advancement of technology has made it possible for websites such as Ingame Sports to provide customers with the opportunity to play their preferred games and, for some, earn money simultaneously.

Because of continual advancements in connection efficiency and the internet, individuals now have access to products and services of high quality as well as an almost infinite number of competitors.

With this level of funding, game makers may introduce new features quickly. The most recent feature, ownership, allows users to own characters and in-game goods through blockchain technology.



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