An Insight into the Upcoming Smart Cities Global Summit

2018 Smart Cities Summit

Between 27 and 28th June 2018, Algiers will be privileged to host the Smart Cities Global Technology & Investment Summit 2018. The summit will be organized to assess the global Smart City partnership opportunities and growth strategies with the primary focus on the Global Growth and Africa markets. The event will have the presence of Blue Mena Group, the Customer-Service-Elevation™ company together with Altitude Software Company.

Blue Mena Group’s Founder and CEO and President of Altitude MENA, Riadh Boukhris was a mentor and judge at the startup and Hackathon challenge. Boukhris said that smart city initiative is not only about solving parking challenges but it is also about public works or improving lighting. According to him, citizen improvement is currently the primary focus of leading smart cities. The President of the Algerian People’s Democratic Republic His Excellency, Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the patron of the summit.

The summit will have more than 4,000 delegates including global city mayors, government, smart city head of investment industry CIOs and CEOs from security, energy, infrastructure, finance, healthcare, tech, telecoms and other sectors. The main agenda of the event will be the role of the government in promoting investment in modern technology and smart cities. Global intelligent city startup challenge and global smart city hackathon will also take place at the same time. The event will take place at Large Scale Live Open Sky Experimental Lab and Algiers City Tech Innovation Hub.

According to Blue Mena Group Head of the Healthcare Practice, Izhar Mahjoub, growth in digital technology and innovative participative models are opening ways of succeeding in services. The coming era of delivering services is proactive, and it includes the citizens in its stages of service design. All this are enabled by robotic innovations, engagement in digital and big data. The MENA region is also on its way to a massive transformation in line with the Bahrain Vision 2030, Oman Vision 2020, Kuwait Vision 2030, Saudi Vision 2030, and the United Arab Emirates Vision 2021. This will make the Dubai Expo 2020 a great platform to have the same vision with the world.

According to Boukhris, the vision of Blue Mena is all about the quantum leap with its primary focus on development. The platform’s participation at the Smart City Global Technology and Investment Summit shows its commitment to making the MENA region a global leader in Customer Service. According to the recent report from World Bank digital transformation investment in the major cities of the MENA region can bring out the massive potential for the service economy to support growth and creation of jobs within the region. He added that a strong partnership between tech entrepreneurs, international tech players, and local policymakers should be acted on urgently.

The Algiers summit will be a great platform of identifying and committing in the initiative. TMT Finance, a global events and news business is the organizer of the Smart City Global Technology and Investment Summit. The event will take place at the CIC Alger Conference Centre courtesy of the Smart City Algiers. For more information about the summit, one can visit


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