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Introducing Tengesa

Zimbabwe’s Largest Online Retailer


The current pandemic has caused economic turmoil that has affected the livelihoods of many Africans who depend on informal sources of income. One nation in particular is Zimbabwe.

Regardless of the cards that have been dealt, there has been a surge of young optimistic entrepreneurs within this nation who envision a digitized economy with equal opportunities. One of these entrepreneurs is Zvikomborero Mutsiwegota, Co-founder and CEO of Tengesa (which means sell in the Shona Dialect).

Tengesa is an e-commerce platform that enables third-party sellers to sell products on an online marketplace alongside Tengesa’s regular products and services.

‘It opens endless possibilities by connecting people with the widest range of products, offering them the best prices, convenience, and complete transaction security. Customers have the flexibility of shopping whenever and wherever, and getting goods delivered at their doorsteps’. – Zvikomborero Mutsiwegota

Zimbabwe has been making notable advances in internet connectivity in recent years. E-commerce has been taking off lately, but the culture of online purchasing has not been diffused in the country. Currently, there is little space covered with e-commerce and still limited locally to urban areas.

‘We are breaking barriers by the introduction of virtual local and cross-border e-commerce in Zimbabwe. Not only does it reach millions of customers easily in every corner every day, but it is also providing an exceptional service that makes your shopping experience seamless with the largest selection of products’

An experience it has been as I navigated across their simple, well-designed site. Showcasing a plethora of products that I personally could only attain had I traveled to a neighboring nation (like most Zimbabweans). So I took the liberty to inquire first hand from a recent customer and here is what they had to say;

‘The team at Tengesa is amazing. All my items arrived as promised in great condition. I’m very pleased with my order. I will definitely keep Tengesa in mind for further purchases’

To learn more about Tengesa visit or speak to their customer care at +263 778 268 740


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