First Medtrade, Nigerian medical startup launches online medical market

The e-health startup will supply essential medical consumables across Nigeria


Riding off the momentum of their timely launch, First Medtrade aims to empower hospitals with a reliable and continent way of purchasing medical consumables that are critical in saving the lives of patients across Nigerian health facilities.


The startup uses its platform to provide medical consumables ranging from cardiac, orthotics, radiology, orthopedic, and prosthetic implants, several other tools, and devices. Currently, most healthcare facilities are stretched due to COVID-19 prompting a need for specialized medical consumables. Dr. Jonah Asiegbu is the CEO of First Medtrade.

To achieve their supply goals, First Medtrade has formed strategic partnerships with manufacturers of medical consumables around the world, such as Stiegelmeyer, Fortune Medical, Hepamedikal, Meber, Hidemar, and Novamed. Hospitals and other health facilities across Nigeria only have to visit the First Medtrade website, submit a request, receive a quote, then finalize payment. The consumables are then delivered to their preferred location.

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