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Investigating Car Accidents With Insurance Drones In South Africa


TechInAfrica – Drones can be seen flying from certain feet, and now you can expect these drones to pass South Africa’s sky.

A company called Old Mutual iWYZE plans to use drones, making it the first South African insurer to do so. Deemed as a game-changer, the use of the drone technology means an empowering step, as the application of this hardware will improve a significant amount of the company’s risk assessments, data collection, field assessments, high-quality photos, videos, and analysis, according to an Insurance Expert of Old Mutual Insure, Christell Coleman. In return, the quantification of assets will be more reliable than before.

The accident reconstruction software is capable of importing aerial accident scene photography and vehicle crush damage, which will enhance the overall final product and accuracy.

The company has passed the operational audit and demonstration flights as required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) after a 2-year planning and pre-registration process and is currently running the final certification phase to obtain the operator license of its remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS).

The drone operation is hoped to reduce the risk of the company’s the existing risk in the operational, safety, and fraud concern, a cut in operational costs through the improved efficiency, and thus keeping the customer’s experience to be elevated. The advances that drone solutions offer for agricultural and storm damage assessments are extensive, and Coleman also mentioned that Old Mutual iWYE will expand the range of its drone operations and deployment for the next few years, and the technology will not focus on just one type of application. 

“We’ve identified exciting opportunities which hold the potential of significant cost savings and return on investment in our domestic assessment, surveying and agricultural business units,” Coleman added.

The deployment of the drones will catalyzed job seekers as licensed employee drone pilots, technicians, and Safety and Security Managers are currently needed by the company.



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