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Kazana Fund Opens For Early Stage African Angel Investment Syndicate


Kazana Fund has opened its angel syndicate, a big step toward making it easier for great African founders to access capital and networks and speed up the growth of Africa’s digital economy.

Kazana Fund is an early-stage investor that wants to work with “great African startups.” Its angel syndicate wants to solve structural problems faced by founders in the area, not having enough networks or money to grow.

Hilina Zenebe, the managing partner at Kazana Fund, said We want to build wealth on the continent through innovation and new businesses, starting with Ethiopia.

“We launched the angel syndicate because we recognized an obvious need in the ecosystem for a platform that connects finance with entrepreneurs,” Hilina Zenebe, managing partner at Kazana Fund, explained.

Kazana wants to work with early-stage African innovators with a mission who have a minimum viable product (MVP) and some traction and are looking for pre-seed or seed funding.

Startups can apply for funding here, and investors can join the investor network to see carefully screened transactions.




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